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  • American Football. . . Worth knowing and more: American Football is one of the most popular sports in Canada. We will explain how the game is structured. Let’s start with the goal of the game. Throughout the game, there is actually one primary objective, which is that the players try to bring the ball into the opponent’s end zone in order to score points. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins. How does a game work? The duration of a game is usually 2. 5-3 hours. During the game, one team always has the so-called “right of attack” and the other team is in the “defence. ” The so-called “right of attack” always alternates. The beginning of the game begins with a coin being flipped to determine the beginner. The game ball is placed on the line of the field and the beginner team must kick it away as far as possible. After the first shot, the opposite team tries to catch the ball and carry it far back. The point where the opposing team makes it with the ball is also the point at which the game on the field begins. Offense. . . Passing. . . Running Now the game has begun, but how will it continue? The team that owns the ball is called the attacker (IOffense). They try to gain space by throwing and racing to the other playmates. In the best case, of course, this ends in the so-called end zone. While the attackers are running with the toy ball, the opposing team must keep the attackers from gaining space as much as possible and try to grab the ball. The attackers have a total of four attempts, and must make a space gain of ten yards. In the event of failure, positions are changed. What does Touchdown mean? Touchdown is the best-known method to score points in American Football. The touchdown brings the team a total of six points. It is reached when the football is carried over the finish line of the opposing team, or when it is caught in the so-called end zone. If the team succeeds in throwing the ball through the goal after a touchdown, they can gain another point. If a touchdown is not possible from given states, the team can also get out of the game, try to kick the football into the goal. That brings up another point. What does safety mean? Safety is also a method to gain points during the game. To do that, the defense team, the attack team, must defeat the attack team in its end zone. In this case, the team receives two additional points. American football betting. . . what you should know: At the Online Casino there are two main types when it comes to betting in American Football. There is the so-called handicap bet or spread betting. This type is among the favorite betting forms in American Football. Here it is quite simple on a Difference of a certain result bet. In other words, they bet on the difference between the specification that the betting provider makes and the result that is actually achieved. It is true: “The greater the difference, the higher the odds and thus the gain or

    loss. ”