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Premiere League Betting- Asian Betting – Bundesliga Sports Betting – What you should know….

Sport is an activity that brings friends, family and even strangers together. While sitting together, rooting for your favourite team, you can talk and speculate about your favourite players. This is possibly how the idea of betting originated in the past. While in the past people bet among themselves, nowadays there are countless online casinos where the betting offer abounds.

We as a team, have compiled a list of providers for you with The list serves as a guide to make your decision easier among the large selection. Because we know that it is not easy and can quickly be overwhelming if you have too much choice

What types of bets are there on the market?

Of course, there are countless betting providers where you can place different types of bets. We have informed ourselves and picked out the most popular types of bets.

In the meantime, Asian bets are establishing themselves on the market and are also offered by many betting providers. Of course, premium league football bets and Bundesliga football bets are not to be missed. These have been firmly established on the market for years and are quite popular with players. The Italian Football League is close behind.

Are there different types of bets?

Yes, there are different types of bets. On the one hand, there are the so-called single bets and the multiple bets.

The single bet is one of the simplest types of bets. This means that you bet on a result, place the bet and, of course, set the stake. If you guess correctly, this means that you have won the bet.

With a multiple bet, on the other hand, as the name suggests, you can place several bets on different outcomes in one match. This type of bet makes sense for football bets, ice hockey etc. makes sense.

But which type is better now? Single bet or multiple bet?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question, and it depends more on your personal preferences. If you are a bit more conservative in your gambling, you will probably prefer the single bet. However, if you are into a bit of adventure and thrill, you will probably prefer the multiple bets.

While we can’t take all the decisions out of your hands, we can help you make some important choices. For this reason, we are pleased to introduce you to some of the best sportsbook providers, casino offers with sports and eSports.

To do this, we at have looked at the best providers, written feedback on football odds, and of course looked at odds in general. In general, we have created a list for you so that you can save time and find the best provider for you with our list.

With our online casino list, you have an excellent overview of the best providers, which we have checked for you beforehand. We proceed according to qualitative criteria that should not be missing in a good online casino provider. It is important to know that good casino providers must have a valid licence. The most common licences are MGA or Curacao.

A good online casino should have a clear website where they can easily find their way around. The terms of use should be easy to find and read. In addition, as a player you should be able to contact the customer support 24/7, whether by email, chat, or phone. The deposit and withdrawal processes should also be simple.

What else do you need to look out for?

Also check whether your mobile phone supports the betting platform. This way, you always have everything briefly, even when you are on the move, and you can check your results, whether you are on the train, at a sporting event or on the road, for example, to have the Bundesliga football odds or the best live tennis odds at a glance.

You should also check whether the provider offers a cash-out function, as these are not offered for every bet.

What is meant by cash-out function?

Just imagine:  You bet on a game and bet on one or more results. During the game you realise that you would like to get out of the bet earlier to be on the safe side and not make a loss. With the Cash Out function, you as a player have this option and can withdraw from the bet and have any winnings paid out. What you should bear in mind, however, is that in this case the winnings could of course be lower than desired. Cash out functions are limited, especially in live betting. Therefore, you should check this in advance.

Live football betting has taken first place in Europe, followed by live tennis betting and other sporting events such as live rugby, live cricket, and live volleyball.

A handicap bet is one of the more specialised forms of betting. First, we would like to explain what handicap betting is. In a handicap bet, the losing party or team is given an advantage. As an example, the score is then deducted from the better team in such a bet. In this case, the result is already 0:1 before the start of the match. It is very important to note that it is not the result that is decisive for winning, but the result as well as the number of goals that were given in advance. The idea behind this is to increase the chance for both parties and to drive up the odds. How high the lead is depending here on the provider and the individual case.

The odds for such bets in football, tennis or, for example, cricket are less popular, but the popularity in Asia is increasing and flooding the markets worldwide.

How do Asian Handicaps work?

The Asian Handicap is an extension of the normal handicap betting. In a simple Asian Handicap, the handicap is considered in the event of a tie and the player’s stake can be refunded. This significantly reduces the risk of a loss. There are different versions of this type of betting.

For you to understand the whole thing, we will explain it again with an example:

In a case like Bayern Munich against Hertha, the clear favourite here is Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga. Thus, the best football odds for Asian betting would give the Hertha team a 2-goal lead – Meaning (- 2 goal handicap).

This would produce the result Bayern Munich 1 – Hertha 2. Accordingly, Bayern Munich should not score more than one goal for the bet to pay off for Hertha. The result would therefore be Bayern Munich 1 – Hertha 2. A draw would reduce the football odds for Asian bets here by half.

Multiple bets… the ultimate thrill

Betting is always particularly exciting. Although you can estimate some things in advance, there is no guarantee for the result. Accordingly, multiple betting is the ultimate thrill for football enthusiasts.

Here you can have betting slips created for more than one event at the same time, making the decision is not easy. The creation of such a betting slip can be quite a bit more expensive, but on the other hand, potentially bigger rewards await.

Everyone dreams of winning such a betting slip and being able to present it like a trophy. Nowadays, of course, especially on social media to share the joy with families, acquaintances and even strangers.

Of course, it is not easy to find the best Bundesliga football or tennis odds and combine them into one betting slip, sometimes it is even quite complicated, but we would like to make your choice easier as well.

Within our Top10 providers for football odds, we have already simplified the selection for you. Here you will find the best online casinos with the best football odds, volleyball odds, tennis odds for Premier League football betting, Bundesliga football betting and much more.

Betting nowadays is not new in the modern world however it seems as popular as ever. Be it a friendly bet, between friends, a bet in the stadium with strangers who become friends with their hearts placed on their sleeves, or what can’t be imagined without nowadays: online.

The thrill and the joy are the same. It never gets boring because there is always something new to bet on. The offer is more numerous than it has been for a long time, thanks to social media and numerous online platforms where you can register these days. The entertainment value increases considerably, because with the number of platforms, not only the range of betting options increases, but also the number of providers.

Sporting festivals, such as the Bundesliga and Premier League, are celebrated worldwide with their insane records and achievements. Even people who may not be year-round football fanatics are literally infected with the fun at the stadium. Jesse Owens, Martina Navratilova, Mohamed Ali, Maradona, and his Hand of God will forever be remembered by people and also in the books of history thanks to your unbeatable performances.

Sport means rivalry and competition, but also friendship and alliance. It is a thing that can unite people but on the other hand also divide them in opinions. Players of individual events, record results have fascinated us and captivated us ever since.

Sport is and remains the best pastime, whether with friends or acquaintances or even in a stadium. A multitude of providers have established themselves and we give you a jump start to find your favourite in the maze of online casinos.

The team wishes you a successful 2024/22 season and a lucky hand when placing your online sports bets.

You will find your best betting odds for single sports bets, combined bets or even the popular Asia bets in our portal.

It is always worth looking at the BestCasinoListe in our Top10 section. In this list, we refer to the best reputable online casinos that stand out due to their excellent sports and casino product.

A good provider is characterised by transparency and clear turnover conditions. Serious sports betting providers have a round-the-clock service, either as chat or phone but especially 24/7 email. Deposit methods and withdrawal conditions should be clearly defined. Another aspect is the responsible handling in the online casino. Reputable online casinos offer extensive information and tips on their own portal. The EM2024 is just around the corner and the team and wish you an enjoyable time and a successful season.

The team which is behind our brand has insisted on giving some personal feedback on some topics and issues within the sport industry.

Sport has been part of my life since i could walk. i believe i was thrown into a pool before i could say nappy change. But i can only say, i loved every minute of it. i started off with football in kindergarten, then a gruelling time swimming for some years, which were hit and miss. i tried handball too. Then i was invited to do some athletics, …. and here things went a lil different for me.

I discovered i could jump high, i mean very high. i could run fast, i manged to be good at long jumping. And so i began my short lived sports career in athletics. i had some country wide success, competing against other clubs, other high jumpers. it was bliss.

Since i was not 18 years old, betting and sport was off the table and i just enjoyed the rush and the competition in full.

I also played some decent basketball at school, and tried angry Badminton games, Squash and the ever so growing Padel Tennis. And i must admit,…. i just love the Padel Stuff. its a social game, mostly played in doubles but can also be played in singles for practice.

I place the occasional Bundesliga Football bet or a cheeky tennis bet, if i know i can use a cash out function. The best Premier League odds i usually find on sites like or similar sites.

I prefer single bets and multiples football bets with odds higher than 2.0 to get a better return. Asian bets with handicap are an option but i feel, there is not enough leverage or the same excitement, when the bets are called.

A good betting site, offering sportsbook and often casino, should have a faultless Mobile app or the Online Mobile version should function without any problems or issues.

I recommend our TOP10 either as a standard or as a potential provider for you and your friends. Those listed, have had their site and apps tested, and feedback can be read on our review pages.

This includes everything from Depositing, Withdrawing funds, Sport Bonus e.g. Welcome Sport Bonus, wagering for bonus and Responsible Gaming, which is in todays time a must.

Pay attention to accepted payment methods and the KYC process required.

Make sure, you have read the Bonus conditions and have read and accepted the general terms of conditions. i understand, this can be a bit lengthily but in here you will find the info needed to withdraw, deposit and if your chosen casino has a legit Licence from the MGA, Curacao or similar.

Sport unites society, whether with family, friends or strangers. You sit in the stadium and watch your favorite teams, and the first speculations arise and, of course, the betting. . . in the good old days. Nowadays you have the opportunity to place your bets and guesses online. More and more providers in the field of online casino are establishing themselves on the market and with great success. Therefore, the choice is very large and the decision to make is not always very easy.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, you should know that there are certain criteria for good online casino providers. These should be checked before the start of registration in order to avoid future problems. But since we want you as a player not to have to worry about these points and instead to be able to enjoy playing in the best online casinos, we as the team of BestCasinoListe. com have sat down and selected the best online casino providers and checked them according to our criteria. With this, we want to give you the necessary start-up help you need to get started right.

But what makes a good online casino? There are a variety of criteria that you should consider when choosing among the best online casino providers. Some of these are fundamentally necessary, and others are of course based on your personal preferences. We would like to introduce you to the necessary basic requirements, according to which our team filters the providers:

A good and reputable provider is primarily characterized by transparency.