Crypto sport – Best Casino Liste

On this page you can find our top four picks, and a list of Crypto casinos that have stood out for their reputability over the past few years. Especially around Crypto currencies and in the trade with so-called CFD’S is it important and necessary to find the right provider.

Before deciding for an online crypto casino provider or for trading with any contracts or cryptos, please be aware of their terms and conditions. It is also important to understand and notice the risks fully to avoid unexpected situations and enjoy the crypto casinos.

We have a couple of good providers in the context of CFD’s but one of our best providers in this context and especially in the capital market is our crypto casino AVATrade.

But what makes AVATrade to one of our best providers?

This provider has established itself on the crypto market. It is also registered on the London Stock Exchange. The London Stock Exchange enables companies and governments from around the world to issue securities such as shares or bonds to raise capital. AVATrade also offers their customers on their portal, to get in touch with important information about crypto currencies before starting to invest. Sufficient information for customers is inevitable for providers to have a good position on the market.

Note for trading with capital:

Trading with capital, foreign exchange and CFD options (difference-contract) carries a high risk for your invested capital. Please make sure, that you are fully informed about the involved risk for your invested capital. Over 75% loses when trading with CFD’s on average.

What does CFD exactly mean?

In the past 10-15 years, trading with CFD’s has gained a lot of importance at the trading market. The reason for increasing interest in CFD’s is that they allow large speculations with small money and are easy to understand due to their simple construction principle. CFD’s are contracts for difference through which a trader can profit from market fluctuations on the stock exchange. They are among the most popular financial products, and this is partly due to the fact that CFD’s can be traded with a small capital investment. In addition, they are easy to use and therefore ideally suited for trading beginners.

CFD is a financial contract and stands for “Contract of Differences”. As the name already implies it pays the course difference between entry and exit time, the so- called spread. CFD trading allows investors to participate in price movements of indices, stocks, currencies, or commodities with leverage. A contract for difference, CFD for short offers the possibility to bet on a certain price development of underlying assets without having to raise the total value of the underlying instrument. This works by depositing a security deposit with the respective broker. Therefore, the differences in the settlement price between the closing and open trades will pay out to traders. If you like to speculate on future events at movements at the markets, you should check out CFD’s.

What is the difference between shares and CFD’s?

CFD’s are not directly traded on the stock exchange like shares, but through a CFD broker and a deposit security. Therefore, the broker in CFD trading acts mostly as a market maker. For this reason, it is very important to choose a broker that not only has good conditions, but also distinguishes your seriousness and fairness.

How can you recognize such a broker?
It is always important to find out where the broker is located, whether there is a minimum deposit and how high it is, what software he offers, how competent and fast the support can help you and compare the general service and conditions.

What is meant by spread?

The term spread in the area of trade refers to the difference between the buying which is the offer the selling which is also called bid and stands for the price of an asset. Here the spread is a very important factor in derivates trading and determines how derivates exactly contracts for difference (CFD’s) are priced.

For how long can you hold a CFD?

There are no legally pre-determined minimum terms when trading CFDs. In conclusion, this means that you can hold a CFD position as long as you like and decide for yourself when to close it. There are different kinds of positions while holding a CFD. You can choose between a long or short position, which you then enter to bet on rising or falling prices of an underlying asset.

What kind of CFD’s are on the market?

Nowadays there is a wide range of different markets for CFDs. For example, there is: Forex, Shares, Commodities, Crypto currencies, ETF’s and much more.

How safe are the CFD’s?

In general, there is no clearly defined answer to this question. It is important to know that just as in stock trading or other gambling, there is always a risk behind it. When trading CFD’s, current market events are an important factor that can affect the results. Here it depends on your personal interests and your commitment, because trading CFD’s requires a lot of attention and should accordingly not be neglected.

You can find further information under folding these following links: valuable hints and tips.

Legal note:

A prerequisite for using the website is the completion of the 18th birthday. In addition, to pay particular attention of the gambling laws applicable to the respective user.

Like online casinos, crypto casinos are characterized by the fact that they also impress players with their numerous offers and services.

One of our platforms like and are not unknown names among coin traders. The same applies to the trading platforms of eToro and Revolut.

What you should know about good online casinos…

For you it is important to know, that a serious provider is characterized by transparency and clear sales conditions. They should be detailly listed on their portal and they should be easy to find and not hidden. Serious online casino providers have also an around-the-clock-service and should have a short time respond quote. Either as chat or phone but especially 24/7 email. Payment methods and withdrawal conditions should be also clearly defined. Another important aspect while looking for the best online casino is to pay attention to responsible handling in the online casino. Reputable Crypto online casinos offer detailed and extensive information and hints on their own portal.

Note for trading with capital:

Trading capital, foreign exchange and CFD options (difference contract) carries a high risk for your invested capital. Therefore, make sure you fully understand the capital involved and the risk involved. An average share of over 75% loses when trading with CFD’s. Trading and using Crypto has become a lucrative source of income in recent years. Thus, it was only a matter of time when the online casino world dedicated itself to the action.

Cash is Kind has become obsolete, so it seems. Just as with credit card, PayPal, Visa or other standard deposit methods, deposits with crypto are subject to certain conditions.

Usually, small fees or surcharges in the lower % range are necessary. Otherwise, all things are the same. You have the choice of agony to get your welcome bonus with Crypto.

Which online casinos are still offering free spins?

Here you can find an answer to no deposit bonus or no deposit free spins.

Which differences are there between no deposit bonus and no deposit free spins?

The most known around bonuses are the free bonus, no deposit free spins, no deposit bonus, or free bets.

All are basically small delicacies to attract new or already registered customers.

What is a reload bonus?

This is to be put in simple terms. Reload bonuses are bonuses that you get when you get additional bonuses on your further deposits after making a deposit. One of the biggest bonuses is the William Hill Reload Bonus, which has taken the market to battle with its 1000€. Especially in regulated areas, such as Germany it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract the favour of customers. New legislation makes it difficult for providers to advertise with free spins or free bonuses.

What are free spins without deposit?

The question is easy to answer. These are no deposit free spins are a popular means of online casinos to secure market share. Some still offer free spins without deposit in loyalty programs, but they have the same concepts.

How do Free Spins without deposit work?
Most of the time you get these free spins with no deposit at a new registration in an online casino in Germany of your choice. After successful registration, these free spins are automatically credited to the account without deposit. These are usually only tied to one slot. The classic among the Netent classics Starburst is disputed at the top. Closely followed by Book of Dead. The most popular slot of the Germans and in the European area.

How much is the wagering of the free spin without deposit?

Since they are offered at no cost and therefore no risk to customers, they are often burdened with a high-risk ring. It is not uncommon to see a wagering ring over 50 or even higher.

What happens if the free spins without deposits are successfully implemented?

Unfortunately, the pay-out process can sometimes take a long time with such free spins. Again, the KYC must be completed within one month, and often at least one deposit must be made.

How does no deposit bonus work?

Like free games, these bonuses are loaded with a wagering ring This is generally a little higher since the casino operator bears the sole risk. No deposit bonus usually excludes any live table games such as poker and roulette. Sport is excluded. Jackpot slots are unfortunately almost never part of these bonuses without deposits, which is understandable.

Is it possible to withdraw a no deposit bonus?

Yes, mostly without any problems. Here too, however, the KYC must be observed. Please always read the terms of use and condition to avoid disappointment later.

For example, how is a 10€ no deposit bonus calculated?

You will receive a 10€ no deposit bonus on one of our sites after successful registration with a wagering of 50 times. Implementation must then be approached as follows: 10€ x 50 = 500. The 10€ no deposit bonus is triggered if you have played a total amount of 500. Remaining sales are then converted into payable real money.

What is free betting?

Free bets are a type of credit in sports where a customer can receive a bonus or this amount as real money. The wagering is usually around 8 times and Bundesliga live bets are almost always ruled out. For real money bets, minimum odds must be observed and are usually limited to a certain sport, such as Bundesliga football betting.

Do free bets and free bonuses & co still make sense?

For the operator of an online casino, it is of course primarily about customer loyalty and market share. With such 10€ no deposit casino bonuses; customers will have the opportunity to take a closer look at the online casino without the risk of a loss. Free bets often make you want more and more and especially for customers without experience with sports betting, a free no deposit bonus is a good way to start making decision.

It is important for you to know that a good provider is characterized by transparency and clear sales conditions. Serious online casino providers have an around-the-clock service, either as chat or phone but especially 24/7 email. Payment methods and withdrawal conditions should be clearly defined. Another aspect is responsible handling in the online casino. Reputable Crypto online casinos offer extensive information and hints on their own portals.

Note for trading in capital:

Trading capital, foreign exchange and CFD options (difference contract) carries a high risk for your invested capital. Therefore, make sure you fully understand the capital involved and the risk involved. An average share of over 75% loses when trading with CFD’s.

Sport & Betting are the nations darling, but there is a new dog in the neighbourhood.

Crypto coins are more and more introduced into the mainstream of our life’s. Bitcoin & Co marching with highs and lows into our homes and it seems that they are about to stay.

Some Casinos are starting to implement options to deposit with Coins and to withdraw your balance with Bitcoins.

Please be aware, that the usual terms and conditions apply and you should read all T&C’s before registering, e.g. which KYC procedures are in place, if a casino is working with Digital coins.

The rest is pretty much the same. Such Casinos will offer the best of both. There odds for Asian bets, single bets, or Multiples are in line with the main competitors.

The best football odds

and much more you will find on our site in great detail. No deposit bonus and Spins are still so popular in some casinos and we would like reiterate the fact that those are attractive and a nice give away, but are usually linked to the normal KYC procedures.

Depositing in casinos with Visa, or other major payment methods such as Pay Safe, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill should be checked and available.

Reassure yourself, that a 24/7 Support is common practice, and all T&C’s are written in a clear and simple way.

Any Bonus wagering should be explained and stated and withdrawal options displayed in T&C’s.

Cashback for players are another attractive choice online casinos are using to attract new players or to reward their standing player portfolio.

Cash Out for Bets are a great way to end a day on a high note, if thigs are not going your way right now.

In all cases, best football odds and your bet slip should be checked, if a cash out is possible to avoid a later disappointment. At the end, if you are depositing with coins, Visa and Co we want all players to enjoy the game, the football match, or your local event.