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What’s the difference when playing American Roulette?

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In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the subject of Roulette. We want to introduce you to the American version of the game roulette, and explain the rules, game strategies and other facts. The game of blackjack, is one of the best known, but also the oldest slot games, and is taken up again and again by the media. The game is also known under the name “21”, which has a special reason. Over the years, the game became more and more popular and well-known. Meanwhile, there are countless versions of the game Blackjack, but the basic rules remain much the same. The American roulette is a further developed version of the European roulette version, which is also referred to as French roulette in everyday life. However, there are some differences, so in the American version, instead of the simple zero, the double zero is introduced, which has the consequence that the house advantage of the respective gaming hall or casino is more worthwhile. As a result, the game can be finished sooner. Another difference is that the tables of American roulette are different from those of European roulette. The language of American roulette is logically also English, so it comes to the fact that the croupier is addressed in English when he has questions. More American roulette rules can be found in

detail in the next article.